Perfumer Technician

Company Name:
Salary period: Annual
Prepare fragrance compounds and smelling samples according to a formula and conduct general duties necessary for the overall maintenance and operation of the laboratory. Responsible to Perfumer firstly, then to help in any other way within your Department. Adhere to working procedures as described in Guidelines for compounding using good laboratory practice.
Responsible for retrieving Perfumer's experimental formulas as directed, retrieve raw materials from stockroom, and suggesting changes to lab and working practices to improve efficiency.
Will be expected to make an effort to promote good team spirit, in particular by sharing information, contributing to common objectives and maintaining and attitude conducive to a harmonious atmosphere. Will also be expected to promote and enhance the Company's image in the area of fragrance with special emphasis on confidence and confidentiality.
Tasks: Compound fragrances by weighing accurately formulae ingredients following practices described in Guidelines for Compounding. Keep all formula, project details and prices confidential. Help maintain a fully stocked, orderly and clean stockroom by: Notifying Stockroom Coordinator to order needed raw materials; Notifying Stockroom Coordinator when raw material check date has expired; Returning all stockroom bottles to proper place; Following check-out and check-in procedure when removing and returning stockroom items; Always leaving the filling station clean; and Properly using the inventory system when obtaining material from stockroom. Maintain daily log of all oils compounded, noting at least the date, quantity and Exp. Number. Maintain an organized set of controls for finalized oils and experimental numbers. Deliver vials of east finalized oil to Oil Lab for department control and if necessary, to generate MSDS. Deliver extra oil for stock as well, if available. Use system to request quick evaluations, sample orders, and print labels. Maintain an orderly set up for efficient compounding. Know location of all raw materials on your set up and in your laboratory. Keep set up in an orderly manner to allow quick compounding. Properly store all raw materials. Do not use any raw material after material expiry date has passed. Properly able all bottles on setup. Keep only olfactively acceptable raw materials for use in compounding. Perform other lab tasks and project tasks as directed by Perfumer such as: Operating database software to retrieve experimental formulas and send formulas to be finalized; and Preparing application samples. Properly label finalized oils, experimental Oils and raw materials - all with side labels and top dots. Request and retrieve lab supplies from stockroom and keep laboratory stocked with all necessary supplies. Keep laboratory neat. Report to Supervisor, Creation Services for work assignments when perfumer is absent or slowPerformance Criteria: Fragrance Oils are prepared to satisfaction of Perfumer. Compounding mistakes are minimal and do not impede efficiency of Perfumer. Company business is not discussed with unauthorized personnel. Raw materials available and not contaminated. Up-to-date logbook available in laboratory. Perfumer's controls available and easily retrieved. A control, either the Perfumer's or Department's is always available. Sample orders are requested correctly. The number of oils compounded meets the need and is to the satisfaction of the Perfumer/Supervisor of Creation Services. Compounding not delayed due to insufficient or unacceptable raw materials Tasks completed to satisfaction of Perfumer. All laboratory containers are labeled. Efficiency of laboratory not impeded due to lack of supplies. Satisfaction of Management. Has substituted for absent technicians and provided assistance to other perfumers and the department as requested SKILLS:
High School Diploma Able to calculate percentages

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